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What are our employees saying about us?

At BIT Consulting, our core values are embedded in all that we do.

Customer Success is Our Success
We take pride in providing our customers with the most innovative and efficient solutions for their most complex business scenarios.
Diversity is Our Strength
A diverse, inclusive workplace is a highly successful workplace. Diversity is our strength. Our customers are global and so are we.
Meaningful Work and Satisfied Employees
We strive to provide our employees with interesting projects and State-of-the-Art work environments.
Innovation is at the Core
The passion for innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our consultants are highly motivated - constantly providing innovative and value-added solutions to our customers.


Currently all our positions are filled.

Freiburg, GermanyBoston, USASingapore

As a world wide provider we are located on 3 different continents for 3 sections: BIT Consulting GmbH, Asia PTE LTD and North America Inc.

BIT Consulting is headquarted in the beau- tiful Freiburg in Germany. From the first- class office space with its State-of-the-Art technical facilities in Rieselfeld you have an amazing view of the Black Forest.


In May 2017, BIT Consulting North America moved into the new office in the heart of Boston, the biggest City in Massachusetts. The new space includes meeting and collaboration areas and lays in the financial district near Boston habour.


For the whole asian section in Nov 2017 BIT Consulting Asia moved to a new office space in Harbourfront, Singapore. The office is at a prime commercial location on the 24th floor of a skyscraper very close to the idian ocean.


Innovative Solutions for Innovative Business Strategies


Our product myMEDISET has been the leading solution to support efficient management of high-value assets.
For two decades, it has been implemented across multiple Tier-1 medical device companies globally.



Online and offline access to loan-set management is a necessity to keep ahead of the competition.
Therefore, with great excitement, we would like to share our new product – iCONNECT.



Get most out of your data.
Dive into the details of your business with myMEDISET Analytics.


Operating Sites

myMEDISET is managing more than 8 million loan transactions annually in 100+ locations worldwide.


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