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Draw On Our Experience

At BIT Consulting, we partner with you by sharing our expertise in all fields of your logistics chain. Our experts have been refining medical technology operations since 1999.


CEO – BIT Consulting GmbH

Rieselfeldallee 1
79111 Freiburg

Phone    +49 (0)761 556 558 0

President – BIT Consulting North America Inc. and BIT Consulting Asia Pte. Ltd.

BIT Consulting North America Inc.
121 High Street, 4th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
Phone    +1 617 273 8280

BIT Consulting Asia Pte. Ltd.
456 Alexandra Road
Singapore 119962
Phone    +65 656 966 05

Innovative Solutions for Innovative Business Strategies


Our product myMEDISET has been the leading solution to support efficient management of high-value assets.
For two decades, it has been implemented across multiple Tier-1 medical device companies globally.



Online and offline access to loan-set management is a necessity to keep ahead of the competition.
Therefore, with great excitement, we would like to share our new product – iCONNECT.



Get most out of your data.
Dive into the details of your business with myMEDISET Analytics.


Operating Sites

myMEDISET is managing more than 8 million loan transactions annually in 100+ locations worldwide.


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